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Frequently Asked Questions

What is water’s influence on human health?

70% of a human body is water. A body contains 40-45 liters of different liquids which includes 5 liters of blood and 28 liters of extracellular and intracellular fluid. Life is the movement of these fluids inside and outside the cells. If this fluid movement decelerates then a person gets ill. People are often not aware of the fact that a lot of ailments are caused by a water shortage in the body. Interestingly, the body can produce only 300g of water from fats and carbohydrates. Therefore it is essential to consume 2-2.5 liters of fluids. However, what type of water is given to the body is very important to maximize good health.

How was ionized water discovered?

Activated water was found at Tashkent Gas Research Institute headed by doctor of science, Professor Aliochin. The scientists were looking for a new composition emulsion. Research was carried out in electrolysis container partitioned into two parts with special material membrane that passed ions but did not allow their mixing with water. And gradually the water in this container acquired new features during the electrolysis process: in the positive electrode (anode) side it became acidic and was charged by positive electrical charge; and in the negative (cathode) side it became alkaline and was charged by negative electrical charge. The water that was produced this way was separated into two different containers and it was noticed that the water may maintain these features for quite a long time. These new water features were so interesting and unexpected that they were the catalyst in over 100 scientific inventions, (i.e. rapid wound healing, sterilization of medical tools and cure of surgical wounds, etc.). After a while the activated water was used in Japan where a lot of investments were made for the production of this effective preparation.

What are advantages of ionized water?

The structure and features of the ionized water have more in common to the body fluids if compared with drinking water. It causes immediate activation of organism vital processes and has a comprehensive effect on our health.

How is the water ionized?

The ionized water or "living" and "dead" water as some people call it is made from the ordinary water. During electrolysis, water is decomposed into two components that are simultaneously collected in two different ionizer containers. One component has light negative electrical charge and alkaline medium (pH=10-12). This water is called alkaline ("living" or catholyte). The other component has light positive electrical charge and acidic medium (pH=2-4). This is acidic water ("dead" or anolyte).

How is the water activated?

Activation is caused by two factors: by electrical charge, i.e. oxidation - reduction potential (ORP); and alkaline or acidic mediums that are indicated by pH indicator. .

What is the effect of ionized water?

Human body fluids (blood, extracellular fluid, etc.) are also light electrolytes. Ionized water has a similar electrical charge and it is acknowledged by the body as "own" and it participates directly in the bodily processes. Illness is defined by medical science as a disorder of cellular energy system. Ionized water eliminates the above mentioned disorder effectively, removes its causes, and balances the alkalinity and acidity of the body.

What are the properties of alkaline water and why it is called "living?"

Alkaline ("living") water acquires light negative electrical charge and it has an alkaline medium. Due to these properties this water stimulates the whole organism, gives energy, freshness, stimulates cell regeneration, slightly tones blood pressure, and it also features excellent healing (scratches and wounds); therefore it has been called "living water." This water contains sediments and their amount indicates water contamination. These are oxides of heavy metals are called radionuclides. Alkaline water regulates the amount of calcium in the blood as its surplus causes the development of diseases such as osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, polyarthritis. Also, alkaline water is a natural antioxidant.

What are the benefits of acidic water?

The acidic water also has good impact on the body. Positive electrical charge dominates there, the medium is acidic (H+) and it contains a little amount of chlorine that was eliminated from salts. These factors cause bactericidal properties of such water. Thus "dead" water kills bacteria, small pests and it is used as inactivating measure. The name of "dead water" originates due to such properties. This water may be helpful if you have rhinitis, sore throat or flu. It is very effective to rinse your mouth and nose in the evening before going to bed as it disinfects and prevents from growing of pathogenic agents.

Can it be that ionized water is the best ever medicine?

It is hardly possible that the ‘best ever’ medicine can be found. However, ionized water is very important for a person who loves himself/herself (when self-love is understood as the capability to avoid illnesses and have a joyful life) and leads a healthy living style. After all, this is a source of life (not an artificial chemical product) that is given to us by nature. Properties that are attributed to the ionized water allow the stimulation of our vital forces. Ionized water is also good as a prophylactic measure. The most important thing is to maintain health, not to treat illnesses.

Can chemical drugs and activated water be used at the same time?

There is no positive answer in various scientific studies on the practical application of activated water. Therefore, a conclusion can be made that either activated water or chemical drugs may be used.

Is ionized water used in other fields?

It is valued by gardeners, florists and farmers. If seeds are soaked in living water, they germinate faster, mature earlier and the harvest is significantly bigger. If chicken, goslings, calves and piglets are provided this water to drink, their growth is accelerated.

Is there any risk in becoming too "alkaline?"

There is no such danger if ionized alkaline water of recommended parameters (pH = 8.5-9.5 and ORP = -150...- 250 mV) are used. However it should be noted that a half of teaspoon of sea salt should be consumed when perspiration is more intense on a hot day, or when physically active.

Can ionized water be used for food and beverage preparation?

Yes, ionized alkaline water may be used. Foods such as soups and beverages will have better taste because alkaline water does not contain acidic traces of salts that "travel" to acidic water. However it is important to keep in mind that boiled ionized water loses its oxidation reduction potential, therefore alkaline water for drinks should not be boiled.

Can children and babies use this water and is it useful?

Yes, they can and it is beneficial. Bodies of babies and children are not so acidic when compared to adults, thus parameter values of ionized alkaline water may be minimal (pH = 8.5, ORP = -150 mV).

How much time does it take per day to make ionized water to satisfy daily ionized water demands in a family of four?

Using Nalite's aQuator water ionizers, it takes only fifteen minutes daily to make 7.5 liters of ionized water for the family’s recommended daily water intake.

Can ionized water cause negative side effects such as allergies, skin problems, digestion disorders, etc.?

Ionized alkaline water does not cause any side effects. However, an individual may react to the detoxification due to the ionized water effect. There may be rashes, intensified defecation, and so on but these symptoms usually only last 2-4 days until the body has adjusted. There are instances when a person senses increased stomach acidity after the start of alkaline water consumption. This signifies high acidity of the body and stomach acid production disorder. In such a case a transition period is necessary for the body to adapt. At the beginning it is recommended to drink slightly alkaline water (the device should be turned on for 1-2 minutes) and the alkalinity should be gradually increased every two to three days by increasing the device operation time by one minute until a 5 minute operation time is achieved.

What properties should a good ionizer have to avoid harm?

The most important ionizer elements are electrodes. Electrodes, (particularly the anode), should be made of extra resistant, inert materials that must not melt during the electrolysis process.

Do ionizers age and if yes, for how long are they safe to be used?

Ionizer aging is generally related with the aging of the anode layer. In case of a damaged anode layer (visible cracks or peeling, etc.), the ionizer cannot be used and the electrode should be immediately replaced.

Is ionized water also silvered as it is made with the same ionizer?

No. Although silver water may be made with the same device, ionized water is made separately by having a special silver electrode.

Wouldn't it be enough to use silver cutlery and silver plates while eating to satisfy the body’s need for silver and avoid bacteria and virus-induced diseases?

This is not enough as the silver ion concentration that is received is too low. Silvered water that is made using the device is made with the required concentration (also including high concentrations).