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INTRODUCING: the Portable Alkaline Water Ionizers - Guaranteed to make drastic improvements to your health and well-being.

Alkaline Water and Silvered Water for a healthy life - water produced with our water ionizers.

Learn how to unlock the hidden door to optimal health and well-being simply by using the curative power of pure water. After all, two thirds of the human body are made of water so make sure it helps you stay healthy and not the opposite. Stay away from diseases and physical pain with the help of nature's element of life - WATER.

Our portable water ionizers are very easy to use and can produce alkaline water and acidic water in just a few minutes. Also, our newest version of the portable water ionizer is capable of producing silver water, in addition to alkaline water and acidic water - this is a phenomenal advantage when considering the extra benefits you get!

Find out what are the benefits of using Nalite's water ionizers.

Alkaline water, acid water, silvered water - these are all the 3 types of water you will ever need to stay in top form!

Imagine how easy everything will be when you start using our alkaline water ionizer! Most importantly, think about how quickly you will start feeling better and improving your health, and this isn't just a short-term benefit - it's a life-time benefit.


What makes our water ionizers better?

Just think about how much time, money and effort you can save by having a pure source of water right at your tap. That's right, our water ionizers can transform tap water into alkaline water. So far, you may be asking yourself - "So why should I buy a water ionizer from here when there are so many others available on the market?".

Well, the answer to that question is simple - because  our water ionizers are better! - Not only our water ionizers transform tap water into alkaline water, they produce alkaline water with the highest potential (ph 7.5 - 9.5). This is something impossible to achieve with short-term electrolysis that is being used in stationary water ionizers currently available on the market. So, YES - our water ionizers are better! If you care about the quality of results you get, and you should - because it's your health and well-being we are talking about -  then your decision is now easy to make.

But don't take anything for granted, and convince yourself of the facts by reading through all the research on the subject. (links to resources)


Ionized Water - Anywhere, anytime!

Drinking ionized water - pure water produced with our alkaline water ionizers.

Have you noticed the word "portable"? Another amazing feature of our products is the fact that they are easy to take with you anywhere you go. This way, you can be sure to have a top quality source of water anytime, anywhere, leaving your mind free from worries and letting you focus on the important things, while staying at your best.

Quick question - why is drinking ionized water so important after all?

As we age, our bodies "dry out" and become more acidic. Having less water, the metabolism slows down and the cells in our bodies slowly lose their abilities to receive nutritive substances as well as to excrete waste. By the time we are 70, only aprox. 55-60% of the total water remains.

Under these circumstances, it is obvious that our health and the way we feel everyday is directly connected with the amount and type of water that we drink. This becomes more and more important as time goes by, so it's better to start now and take proper care of ourselves by revitalizing our bodies. This can be done simply by drinking at least 2 to 2.5 litres of alkaline water every day.

Alkaline water produced with any of our water ionizers has negative ORP (antioxidant properties), which means that it has the ability to drastically reduce diseases by counteracting the surplus of electrons that feed free radicals.It is clear that you will start feeling better and better the longer you keep drinking ionized water, and if you ever thought how it would be possible to feel healthier and more energized - you have your answer now.

By using any of our water ionizers you will also see dramatic improvements in your body's acid/alkaline balance and your body's pH will increase by about 2 points or even more.


Other Features Of Our Alkaline Water Ionizers

When comparing our products with any other stationary water ionizers you quickly discover that it is impossible to get acid water with a stationary water ionizer, since it usually drains automatically. When using our alkaline water ionizers, the acidic water produced can be used for a variety of purposes. It is suitable for external use and has high antibacterial, antiseptic and antiallergical benefits, and it is also widely used in ecological agriculture.

Also keep in mind that all of our Alkaline Water Ionizers are manufactured in the European Union from certified parts with only high quality non-toxic materials.

You can learn more about the healing powers of ionized water and the benefits of Alkaline Water, Acidic Water and Silver Water on our benefits pages. You can also find out more information in the Resources section as well as on the F.A.Q. page, and you can find out more about our products by visiting the product pages and downloading the product manuals.


Read This Before Ordering Any Water Ionizer From Our Website

You don't have to order now, but considering what you've just read, think of the amazing health and life-enhancing benefits you get after your order any of our alkaline water ionizers. Imagine a time in the future when, as you look back to this decision, you know deep down and you proudly tell yourself that getting this water ionizer from Nalite was one of the best decisions that you've ever made!

After all, here at Nalite we make sure that all of our customers get only the best quality products and service possible!