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Terms & Conditions

Legal Medical Disclaimers

We have not made nor intended to imply any medical or curative claims with any of our products. We have been made aware of many individuals whose conditions have been made better for the user because of being hydrated better. There are many individuals that feel better simply after consuming water of any kind.
We are claiming that water from Nalite water ionizers can help hydrate you more effectively than other types of water when consumed appropriately. Diet, exercise, relationships also play an important role in overall well-being.
We are not advocating, marketing, or making claim for the use of ionized water as a treatment for any condition that is not caused by dehydration.

Content Accuracy

We make every reasonable effort to include accurate and up to date information in our website. We make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the site.

Time-Release Capsules

Some time-release capsules and other medications may be affected if consumed with ionized water – consult your doctor. If you or your doctor have any questions or concerns with you consuming ionized water, follow their recommendations. You can encourage your Doctor to contact us.

Water with High Amounts of TDS or Calcium

Water ionizers should not be used to condition water for consumption if the source water is deemed micro biologically unsafe or with untreated well water that has very high TDS. Please ask us first if unsure.

Consuming Ionized Water on a Regular Basis

Millions of people all over the world have consumed ionized water for over 40+ years. There have not been any reports of anyone experiencing complications after drinking ionized water that would not have the same issue with drinking typical water from any source.
Most people find that drinking ionized water with a pH level around 9 is most enjoyable. Regularly consuming ionized water with a pH greater than 9 is not necessary.