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Water ionizer "PTV- KL"


Product Details:

  • Produces: Ionized alkaline water; Ionized silver water; Ionized acidic water.
  • Capacity: 1.5l
  • pH Range: 3.5 - 9.5 pH
  • Certified

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Nalite’s small capacity portable water ionizer “PTV-KL” is quite simply a unique device. Not only does it combine the full range of water ionization capabilities (for producing alkaline water and acidic water) with the added benefits of increased portability, but it also lets you produce silver water as well. With this water ionizer you can easily produce clean and healthy water, whether you are using it at home or during your travels. You can use it to produce ionized alkaline water, ionized acidic water or silver water in just a few minutes. The volume of the device is 1.5 liters and after the ionization process you can obtain in separate vessels up to 0.8 l of ionized alkaline water and 0.7 l of ionized acidic water. The “PTV-KL” is a top quality water ionizer of small capacity and it is produced in the European Union. It’s very easy to use and maintain, it’s reliable, safe and it’s extremely portable, making it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a water ionizer that they can easily take with them anywhere, one that can also produce silver water. This device is certified and patented, it comes with 2 years international warranty and 30-days money back guarantee. In other words, it’s totally risk-free, so you can enjoy shopping at Nalite knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Free international delivery is also offered when purchasing the “PTV-KL” water ionizer.

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